white or brown?

brown or white
Many of us have accepted that anything whole wheat is healthier than white and brown rice is better than white rice. I’m happy to see that whole grains are widely accepted now. The bigger and more popular misconception these days is the diff between white sugar and brown sugar. Is one actually healthier than the other?

When it comes to whole grains such as bread and rice, going brown is definitely the more nutritious choice. The external layer of the grain that gives its dark shade, provides the fiber, minerals and vitamins. In refined, fortified, and enriched grains, ingredients are modified where natural, beneficial nutrients are stripped in return for small amounts of unnatural iron and vitamins.

On the other hand, brown sugar, is not any healthier than white granulated sugar, artificial sugar, honey, syrup or vice versa. Sugar is not a grain and thus the “brown” name represents something completely different. Brown sugar gets its name from the molasses adhered to the sugar granule (whether naturally or man-made) and is responsible for the sweeter taste and moist texture.

Important Facts to Remember
  • Brown rice and ‘brown bread’ are healthier than white rice and white bread because whole wheat and whole grains contain more fiber for a better control of blood sugar. Stay away from products with enriched flours listed in the ingredients.
  • Brown sugar is not healthier than white sugar. Any form of sugar will cause a spike in blood sugar and doesn’t provide any benefit to the body except for calories.

Next time you’re handling sugar portions in the kitchen or on the coffee table, remember that the color doesn’t matter – brown isn’t any healthier in regards to sugar, even if it has more essential nutrients. How much you’re having is what makes the difference, so remember portion control!

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