Personal Nutrition Counseling

Provided with your most recent food log, I will assess your current diet and help identify your personal eating challenges and how to address them. We will create meal plans and shopping lists based on your personal food preferences.

Kitchen Pantry Makeover

If you’re ready to make big changes to improve your diet and life now, start with a clean slate. It is difficult to make healthy food choices if you have easily accessible, edible skeletons in the form of empty calories and unpronounceable ingredients hiding in your refrigerator, pantry and  snack stash. Gain a better understanding of how to stock up on healthy ingredients and snacks, and how to safely store them.

Grocery Store and Farmers’ Market Tours

During a market tour, clients will gain hands on experience in how to make healthy food choices throughout the shopping experience. Whether you are interested in a one-time visit or a series of guided grocery store tours, I am here to help you identify local and affordable markets near you and make sense out of the confusing labels on food products you’re interested in. Together, we will explore the aisles to find produce you’ve never noticed that fit both your nutritional needs and financial budget. I can also provide cooking tips for these newly discovered grocery items if needed. Contact me directly to schedule your first session to ensure that you’re choosing the best foods to support your health. Your shopping list awaits!

Customized Meal Plan

If all you need is a meal plan, I can quickly conduct a nutritional analysis based on your current weight and diet to develop a weekly menu that fits your nutritional needs and health goals.

Nutrition Group Sessions

Care about your employees? I provide nutrition classes that will cover the basics of mindful eating, portion control, and how to make healthy meals everyday.  I also tailor class sessions to the needs of working mothers, pregnant women and children as needed.

Keep it in the Kitchen

As a dietitian and homecook, I’m all about keeping it simple in the kitchen! With this purchase, we will spend some time in your home kitchen where I’ll show you how to prepare healthy meals with simple ingredients you already have. To kickstart your wellness plan, you may request a prep demo for a recipe that fits your current health goals!


Please shoot a message to find out about service pricing. For an immediate response, you may include a phone number and appropriate times to contact you.