dining out

Tips for managing portion sizes and eating habits when you’re dining out:

  1. Order a small entree, “cafe size”, or appetizer
  2. Choose a dish with more protein than carbohydrates (i.e. grilled salmon or steak instead of pasta)
  3. Choose steamed vegetables or fruit as a side instead of rice, fries or mac and cheese
  4. Fill up on water before beginning the meal to feel fullness quicker
  5. Skip the bread and butter!
  6. Start with a side salad and ask for dressing on the side
  7. Enjoy half your plate and take the rest home
  8. Or share with a friend next to you
  9. Balance your meal within the food groups and eat accordingly: vegetables first, then protein, and a little fat
  10. Stop eating when you are full to prevent overeating and feeling too stuffed

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