happy spring with a healthy mac & cheese! {with cauliflower & squash}

Happy Spring, everyone! I’m so sorry that I missed a post, but last week was extremely hectic with taking a field trip with all the other interns to visit the State Capitol in Sacramento, starting a new rotation and volunteering for National Nutrition Month. The workload is piling up and I’m starting to feel the pressure! This DI is actually going as fast as… regular L.A. life goes I guess!

dietetic internship rotation # 4: child nutrition in the community

I just finished my FOURTH rotation which was at Stone Soup, a nonprofit organization that serves young Hmong children ages 0-5 in Fresno by integrating early literacy and school readiness, while reinforcing parent-child bonding through parent involvement activities. They also emphasize on learning through play and promoting social-emotional development of the children. At this rotation, I mostly helped out with the arts and crafts activities during ‘PlayGroup’ classes and talked to the parents about any nutrition concerns. I got so much work done in just 6 days (48 hours).

Sooo… for the potluck at this rotation, I baked a healthy Mac n Cheese recipe I found from Snixy Kitchen (I don’t know how I came across it). The Mac n Cheese was made with fresh cauliflower, yellow squash and cottage cheese! I did ditch the sour cream and that’s probably what made it taste so healthy.

The crunchy, crispy sharp cheddar cheese top crust was very delicious ORGAAASMIC. The rest of the macaroni was so light and fluffy too! It really did taste healthy and guilt-free.

How beautiful are these squash noodles?

Ooodles and oodles of squoodles!

The beautiful centerpieces at the Spring potluck




Building a Fruit and Vegetable Basket activity for the Stone Soup kids

field trip! public policy workshop 2016



Myself and Machell at the Public Policy Day Workshop
Lovely California State Capitol

National Nutrition Month Ended the week volunteering for CAND-CVD (California Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Central Valley District) to celebrate National Nutrition Month.

NNM Rethink Your Drink Mar2016
A presentation I co-created was taught at 5 high schools in the Clovis Unified School District and I was able to present one of the classes. Students are so much healthier than I ever was in HS!

9 thoughts on “happy spring with a healthy mac & cheese! {with cauliflower & squash}

    • Thank you! Yessss, I loved mac n cheese as a kid. As I got older, I started not to like it because it always seems to be such a heavy meal, but now I can have it light and fluffy! : )

  1. YUM YUM YUM! This is not your typical mac n cheese! I actually never tried mac n cheese before because I was always intimidated by the fake yellow color and too-filling and heavy characteristic (if you know what I mean). However, your recipe changed all that – I am totally craving this right now!

    Plus, kudos to you for making the time to cook healthy foods despite being busy with your internship.


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