how to make herbed quinoa and mushrooms

Happy Monday, everyone! Here’s another great addition to my weekly meal preps. Quinoa is packed with sufficient carbs, substantial protein and even fiber. Can’t go wrong with adding herbed quinoa to your meals. It’s great when you get a little bored of the old brown rice or sweet potato routine to get your carbs in.  I used to avoid making quinoa because I thought it was too messy. It bothered me very much to see the seeds fall down my drain while washing quinoa, but it’s been easier with a fine-mesh strainer. Pre-washed quinoa can also be found in some stores which makes it even less of a hassle. Quinoa will definitely be a staple this year for me during the dietetic internship. In making this recipe, I only used about 1.5 – 2 cups of quinoa. For future meal preps, I will definitely make more just to last a few more days than this recipe did. If you decide to make more, simply add more of each herb and lemon as you wish! Don’t forget to freeze the rest of your parsley if you purchased a bunch from the market. I washed and chopped the remainder parsley {same day or maybe the next morning}, placed them in a sealed bag and overwrapped the bag with heavy-duty foil. The parsley will still be good for up to two weeks. Maybe 3,  but I didn’t try it so I won’t say it’s safe.  When I thawed it, it looked mushy but the taste was still there. Herbed my second batch of quinoa real good more than a week and a half later.

herbed quinoa mushr

+ 1 whole lemon and lemon zest
+ 1 T fresh thyme
+ 1/4 cup fresh basil
+ 1 cup fresh parsley
+ 2 cups quinoa
+ OPTIONAL: a pack of oyster or any mushrooms you like + EVOO for sautéing

To prepare:
+ Cook quinoa in a rice cooker with 2:1 water-quinoa ratio, similarly to cooking rice.
+ When the quinoa is cooked, mix in all chopped herbs and lemon
+ In a pan over medium-heat, sauté oysters with a tsp of extra virgin olive oil. Season with salt & pepper.
+ Top off a serving of herbed quinoa with the cooked mushrooms

Serve with:
+ Any protein {white fish, salmon, chicken, tofu}
+ Side of vegetables
+ Other herbs
+ Sautéed onions and bell peppers

herbed quinoa mushr white


3 thoughts on “how to make herbed quinoa and mushrooms

  1. Yum yum yum!! I’m totally on with you and your love for quinoa!!! My friends ask me all the time what quinoa is when I put it in my salad. Can’t wait to diversify my taste buds with this quinoa dish!


  2. Tammy, quinoa is my absolute fave right now. I make it often 🙂 . I am with you and love it with the herbs as well. I will definitely have to try it with the mushrooms though ! Great Tammy, thanks for sharing 🙂

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