how to make healthier rice krispy treats

Happy day-after-Valentine’s Day, everyone! I wanted to include a yummy snack as giveaway goodies for a presentation I was giving last week. I didn’t want to make something too unhealthy, so I made these ‘healthier‘ Rice Krispies / crispy rice treats with some substitutions. I think Rice Krispies treats are usually a hit, but I wanted to alter the recipe with somewhat healthier ingredients like almond butter instead of butter (any other nut butter should work) and brown rice syrup instead of marshmallows. I’m pretty stoked now that I have this recipe to go to whenever I want to make a sweet treat for friends. : )

+ 4 cups crispy rice cereal {Nature’s Path or Kellogg’s}
+ 1/4 cup almond or any nut butter
+ 1 tsp. vanilla extract
+ 1 T coconut oil or EVOO
+ 1/2 cup brown rice syrup

To prepare:
+ In a pan over medium heat, add almond butter, coconut oil, honey, and vanilla.
+ Add crispy rice cereal and mix well.
+ Then, flatten the mixture evenly with your hands and cut into squares or any shape you like. For the treats I made, I used a heart shaped cookie cutter {I greased the sides of the cookie cutter with olive oil to prevent sticking}.

I also wanted to share a little about the first week into my second rotation at Merced County Community Action Agency and my Valentines weekend, ofcourse!  I’ve been quite a happy Dietetic Intern at this community rotation at the California WIC {Women, Infants and Children} program, a federally funded organization that provides supplemental food packages and nutrition + breastfeeding education to low income families in need!

 I get to make pre-assessments before observing nutrition counseling appointments with high risk clients, which has been so fun and insightful!

I also made 12 of these Wellness Suggestion Boxes for the different sites at this agency.  I’m sure you’re thinking that’s not equipping me with nutritional knowledge, but I love getting crafty with stuff like this.

I gave a presentation on ‘why fiber is essential for a healthy diet’ late last month and made these goody bags of a healthy dose of fiber {popcorn}. 😉 I got bonus recognition for using burlap and a fibrous color. : )

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
I got to use the test tubes I created a few years back in college. The tubes display and compare the fiber content of commonly eaten foods like white bread vs wheat bread or orange fruit vs orange juice.  For this little demo, I weighed crushed soy nuts on a gram scale to represent grams in fiber.

Jj is so thoughtful when it comes to gifts; it completely stumps me almost every time.  Pictured below is an engraved cutting board!  I wanted to cry when I saw Nourish Hour in the lettering because it just reminds me of how supportive he is about this blog, my hobby of taking pictures of my food among other things, my future plans, me moving away for almost a year and putting our relationship on a semi-pause. So, so, SOO excited because I’ve never owned a good quality wood board before!

Super cute box of chocolates with a corgi on it {from our buddy Robin aka corgiselfie}

And the delicious meal this weekend at Mastro’s Ocean Club in Malibu…

We started with seared ahi tuna as our appetizer and it was the best decision we ever made!

  Seared ahi tuna in full.

The relaxing view of the shore

 Jj had a ribeye steak and I enjoyed these buttery sautéed sea scallops! Of course, we had to have Brussels sprouts and the famous lobster mashed potatoes, which were to die for! They definitely lived up to the hype.


9 thoughts on “how to make healthier rice krispy treats

  1. This post makes me so happy. You had a great Valentine’s Day, were showered with lovely gifts, had a wonderful meal. Your presentation went well, and your healthy heart rice krispies look divine and I am sure taste divine. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Really! I’ve found brown rice syrup at trader joes and whole foods but don’t know if you these stores in Canada. I think maple syrup would work wonderfully especially if you like the maple flavor!!

      • Oh perfect! There actually is Whole Foods in Canada (there were five in Vancouver when I used to live there) but none in Waterloo where I am living right now. 😦 And the only TJ’s I’ve been to was the one in Bellingham! It’s probably a good thing I don’t live near a TJ’s otherwise I’d be broke! Oh well, I will keep my eyes open for it. What else can you use brown rice syrup for?

      • I haven’t used brown rice syrup for anything else, but I’m assuming it works well in coffee, lemonade and baking like any other liquid sweetener? Maybe in a recipe in place of vanilla extract? Unfortunately, I don’t have anything to share from experience yet! I do know it shouldn’t be used frequently as its known for spiking blood sugar a lot faster than cane sugar. It works best as an alternative to high fructose corn syrup but not sugar or low calorie sweeteners

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