dietetic internship orientation week

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. – Napolean Hill

Happy Monday, everyone! Last week I officially moved in from Los Angeles after New Years Eve. We just finished the first week of orientation for the dietetic internship. My intern class has 6 full time interns; three who are from Fresno, one from Westchester University in Pennsylvania and one who was my classmate during undergrad at Cal State LA. I am currently living with the last two girls in a three bedroom apartment! The internship will go on until early November 2016 and by then, I hope to gain all the experience and preparation needed to begin practicing as an RDN — after taking and passing the national board exam of course.

I received my rotation schedule which covers the different avenues within dietetics. I wanted to share these details with any aspiring nutrition students / future RDNs:

  • Clinical Nutrition at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Madera Community Hospital, DaVita Dialysis, Sierra View Medical Center, and Kaweah Delta Medical Center, Dietary Directives Inc (consulting)
  • Community Nutrition at several Women, Infants & Children (WIC) Clinics, The Lifestyle Center (a gym!), food banks, Healthy Lifestyle Fitness Camp for overweight children, Nursing Nook (breastfeeding support), Stone Soup and Head Start {can’t wait to meet the children at these early education programs!}
  • Food Service Management at Fresno Unified School District, Woodlake Unified School District, Reedley College, and the prementioned hospitals above

17 total rotation sites! I’m equally excited for the challenges that will come with the clinical rotations as I am for the fun rewards from working with the kids in the early education programs. So stoked!! I’m so glad to be a part of this program because it’s only been a week and our director and coordinator are already extremely supportive. One of them started orientation by giving an inspirational story to remind us to not give up when “life happens” {the motto of the week}.

New Year’s Eve was the weekend before the move. Jj and I threw a small party and my best friends surprised me with cake and a celebratory sign!

My apologies for the low quality snapchat shots:

  A photo of just the girls and coincidentally, I didn’t take any individual pictures with any of the guys.

 Except Jj, of course.


My crazy best friends also surprised me on the day of the move by driving up to Fresno from Los Angeles to bring me delicious sushi {not pictured}, gifts and cupcakes! From left to right: the Sur La Table pastry board I wanted, two candles {one that looks like a planetarium} in case the lights go out while I’m studying, a frame with the quote “she believed she could so she did,” and a burlap garlic bag. I couldn’t be anymore lucky and blessed to have these girls in my life. :’ )

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset A mandatory shot of the beautiful tree in front of the new apartment.

Words cannot describe my excitement  for this learning experience. I can’t wait until I can provide guidance to others on better health, nutrition and disease prevention on a professional level! In the meantime, I will share recipes, tips and ideas on being healthy, living fit, staying nourished through this blog.

Thank you so much for reading. I’m sorry if this was a boring post, but  I will post a recipe next week! {Hint: basil}


Tammy, RDN to be


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