nourish hour & the holidays

Happy Monday, everyone! I wanted to start this post by first acknowledging the recent name change of the blog to nourish hour in case anyone has noticed or is wondering what happened to eat vibrantly.  I decided to take the advice from some how-to’s I came across on starting a blog. I’ve had the handle on wordpress for two years during which I used only on a personal level. Since eatvibrantly is taken as a domain and on most social media, I had to make the hard decision to ditch it because I know I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere further with it (sounds like a difficult relationship now). I was very attached to it as I truly live and eat vibrantly. My meals and dishes always shine in vibrant colors as does my attitude and perspective on living heathily and happily. I wished I kept the site address since it meant a great deal to me, but I figured losing it won’t do much harm as I just started blogging about nutrition publicly about a month ago. Oh well! Nourish Hour is just as meaningful to me and I think it will be more fitting as I shift from recipes to more educational posts! After all, this is a blog of all things healthy and nourishing for the mind, body and soul.

This past week I had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas with my friends and family and spending a little more quality time with them.

My best friend Joan surprised us with Disneyland Parkhopper tickets.

Jj and I did a lot of last minute shopping for his nieces and nephews. Even though I knew this year was going to be a very small Christmas for everyone, from me, I was happy to wrap and decorate gifts for Jj and his family!

Jj’s dad also asked us to give the kids their present {money} for him as he doesn’t get to be with us all the time because he lives and works out of the state.

My best friend Michelle dropped off presents to me on Christmas Eve before she left for her trip to Portland, Oregon. JEALOUS! She bought me recipe books which made me so excited to cook because one of them is specifically for healthy ingredients like chia seeds, quinoa, and kale. We’ll be seeing some new recipes from the book next year.

We opened gifts and played our round of White Elephant on Christmas Day. I bought these Herb Saver Pods from Sur La Table.

The boyfriend’s awesome family who all have been the sweetest and most loving people I’ve ever met! Even though I told them I would be coming home after the first week of the dietetic internship for Mason’s first birthday party and Linda’s baby shower, they still wanted to have a formal goodbye and celebratory dinner at Newport Seafood.

On the day after Christmas, Jj and I visited our friends in Brea for food, drinks and games. Just learned a new card game called Dutch Blitz and it’s so much fun! Also, our dear friends, William and Ashley, announced their engagement (first of our group)! I was so happy when I heard about it, I couldn’t contain myself! Lastly, I made a beets and beet greens dish recipe that I’m working on posting very soon! I’m so excited to share that recipe on the blog.

The next day after that, the girls got together for afternoon tea at Chado Tea Room in Downtown Los Angeles as my official sendoff to Fresno. It was  absolutely wonderful.

The dainty sandwiches and pastries were delish. The salmon lox toast had a perfect hint of smokiness to it and the scone was surprisingly soft.

The tea I chose was a blooming tea called Peach Fairies. It had a fruity fragrance and light taste that didn’t require any sweetening.

My wonderful supporters (Excuse the bad sunlight).

I hope everyone had an amazing and love filled holiday celebration as I did! I wished I was able to give gifts back to everyone! Even though I asked them to not do gifts this year, I feel blessed that my friends spoiled me anyway knowing I couldn’t give them anything big in return. I’m also very grateful for the {financial} support I received to help me during the dietetic internship as I won’t have any income for at least half a year. Among the many thoughtful gifts I received from my friends, family and boyfriend’s family, that left me feeling smitten all weekend, was this Mason Jar Garden Kit which I am so excited to start using after the move to the Central Valley. I’ll be sure to post pictures of my mini garden when it flourishes. I was deeply saddened by the thought of leaving my garden at home in L.A. while I was cleaning up my garden bed yesterday and noticed that my mint leaves have been fully revived and are coming back again! I can’t wait to bring some herbs with me in the little jars.

Please, come back next week for a more informative post on how to identify accurate numbers for nutrition facts. As much as the idea of counting calories sucks, it’s important to track the amount of macronutrients you consume daily to ensure that each meal is balanced. Having balanced meals everyday is key for overall health and weight management. You don’t have to know how much you’re consuming down to the very gram, but it’s helpful to have an idea.

This week, I’ll be finishing up the last of my pre-internship assignments, packing boxes into my car, and moving by the end of the week to be ready to settle in for my first day of orientation next Monday. I hope everybody has an awesome week and very happy New Year!


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