how to make banana protein pancakes

Good morning, everyone! I am so happy since I just had my last day of work at Innovations for Health last Friday and am officially starting my two weeks of vacation before the dietetic internship. I feel that I’ve been very productive lately, organizing more nutrition topics I want to cover in future postings. I have so much planned for the upcoming year and am extremely excited to get into the groove. After my last post on snacking and how to avoid being hangry, I spent a good portion of Sunday looking into the recipes of the homemade snacks I recommended (some new and some I experimented with in the past).

I wanted to share this quick, simple protein powder pancake recipe I use for my breakfasts and snacks! I would make a double batch on Sunday, freeze them and savor it throughout the week each morning. What’s great is that you can enjoy it anytime. It’s a convenient + guilt free way to get some sustained energy because it’s a balanced amount of carbs, protein and fiber!

The nutrient composition is broken down at the bottom of the recipe.  I also included calorie information for the itemized ingredients as well as the additions the pancakes can be served with. The macros are very much dependent on how you choose ingredients – especially the type of protein powder and whether you go with whole eggs or egg whites, so I wanted to leave it there as a guide to knowing how much is being consumed.

For breakfast, go with ingredients and the amount of servings to consume 230-350 calories. If eaten as a snack, have only 1 medium pancake or 2 mini pancakes without additions to get 100-150 calories. But of course, if you’re still hungry after just eating the pancake, you can have the fruit or milk.

NH banana protein pancakes 001
Picture shows two servings.

+ 1 scoop chocolate or vanilla protein powder (I use Quest Nutrition for these and have found both flavors to work just fine) { 110 calories }
+ 2 large whole eggs { 120-140 calories } or 3 egg whites { 50 calories }
+ half cup oatmeal, uncooked { 148 calories }
+ half a medium banana { 70-100 calories }
+ 1 tsp baking powder

To prepare:
+ preheat pan to medium heat. no oil is needed!
+ start with a few ounces of water in the blender as a liquid base for the blending process.
+ add all ingredients and blend until it looks like batter
+ control the texture and consistency of your batter by gradually using more or less wet ingredients (water or egg)

+ pour batter on the pan and cook one side (3 minutes or until bubbles appear)
+ flip the pancake and cook the other side for a few more minutes
+ slice up the and top the pancakes with zero-calorie maple syrup

+ use 1 whole egg instead of 2 to cut amount of fat in half and lower calorie option
+ choose egg whites for significantly lower fat and calorie option
+ use liquid egg whites (AllWhite brand) to avoid waste and having to separate egg whites from the yolk
+ add cinnamon or vanilla extract for extra flavoring

Serve with:
+ remaining banana and/or other fruit { additional 30-50 calories }
+ low-calorie maple syrup { additional 30-50 calories per tbsp }
+ a side of eggs cooked the way you like {additional 70-90 calories }
+ a 4-6 oz glass of reduced fat milk {additional 60-90 calories }

+ about 5 mini or 2-3 medium pancakes
+ 2-3 servings. eat one serving at a time with fruit or milk.

+ calories 400-500
+ protein 35 g
+ carbohydrate 55 g
+ fat  3-13 g
+ fiber 8 g

NH banana protein pancakes white

Recipe adapted from


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