Here’s a simple, easy recipe to help incorporate more vegetables into your meals! The saying is “make half your plate veggies and fruits,” but occasionally you can double the vegetables (watery vegetables are best) if fruit doesn’t quite fit into your meal. Potatoes are considered the starch portion of the meal, so don’t confuse potatoes (and corn) as vegetables.


Basil and Beets quickly stir fried with salt and avocado oil
Baby Bok Choy and Skinless Chicken Breast with Soyaki sauce (pan grilled separately)
White Potatoes, mashed with some skin, garlic, salt and pepper

The Usual: This meal is a combination of healthy foods I commonly eat like chicken and bokchoy, and foods I normally don’t eat like white potatas. While I love beets, I don’t always prepare them and there’s no particular reason why I don’t except that I forget how good they are and how they’re so easy to eat!! Yes, I dropped the ball on the chicken because it is terribly burnt. I left one side two minutes too long while I was picking some basil from my garden and letting Jax out to pee. Small and thin chicken fillets like in the picture will cook perfectly for 4 minutes on each side on medium heat. I just wanna say, if you ever burn your food, salvage what you can and scrape off the black char as much as possible to reduce the amount of carcinogens you consume (not healthy). Other than the chicken which I picked up from Trader Joe’s earlier this week, everything was delivered by Farm Fresh To You. My sister decided to try it out and she split the box of fresh produce with me. I would definitely consider buying the service because the D’Anjou Pears and Calville Blanc Apples we received this week were so delicious and you can customize your box to your preferred items.

The Unusual: It was odd getting so many white potatoes from the FFTY box because it was more than we could eat. I never buy white potatoes because I prefer purple yams or even sweet potatoes for the antioxidant advantage. Tonight, I cooked them anyway because I’m not one to waste food especially fresh, farm food! I steamed the beets and potatoes together in a closed lid pot over boiling water and mashed the potatoes with my awesome potato masher from Ikea (it’s pretty sturdy for $3.99, a lot sturdier than their onion slicer which my dad broke on the first use). WARNING: steaming beets can get really messy because the red pigments leach out and turn everything you touch fuschia, but it doesn’t stain so just wash your hands thoroughly as you should regardless.

All the greens from the FFTY box I used to make healthy smoothies:



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