“I am pleased to inform you that you have been appointed (computer matched).”

Good news! Six years of hard work including 4000 hours of volunteering has finally been paid off, but it wouldn’t have happened if my old classmate didn’t encourage me, push me and help me along the way! Maybe, I just needed to meet you sooner! Machell and I met at CSULA and both remember how we first met in Biochem 353 during summer school when she noticed me wearing my Hieroglyphics 93 ’til tshirt. We must’ve been the only two girls in that class who shared that common interest in old school hiphop and rap. I can’t wait to experience our DI journey together. We’ll be studying while listening to Dom Kennedy and ATCQ as soon as January comes.

I’m so grateful for kind souls like my support system and am forever in their debt. I don’t know where I would be without Jj as he has supported me through everything whether it’s providing motivation, believing in me or even doing all the dirty work like apartment searching for me in Fresno. I owe it to Tommy, for always encouraging me to apply to DIs and always telling me that I’m an inspiration. It really keeps me on my toes and reminds me to never settle or get comfortable. I’ve been wanting to express my gratitude for Doris who was there backing me up during the first time I ever tried to teach basic nutrition to a class of Spanish speaking only mothers and children. If it wasn’t for her developing SEPHA, I would’ve never went to Nicaragua and Peru to teach nutrition in a foreign language. These experiences in the community area of nutrition has led me to be here today.

I decided to come back to wordpress and start documenting my road to RDN and hopefully it’ll be a resource for future nutrition students who are seeking the same career path. I realize now that it wouldn’t have mattered how many hours I volunteered or how much I studied. One key factor that makes success possible is a solid support system, and for them I am thankful.


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