dear future self

This year I ditched the whole “New Year Resolution” ordeal because I’m in a great place in my life, which I’ve been in for quite a while since graduating college, turning 25, and being in a 100% committed relationship.  Who would’ve thought that a stable relationship would make my career-driven mind & soul content in life? 2014 was such a good year for me and even without forgetting that there is always room for self-improvement, everything was (still is) too good to start thinking about things I should change by the next 365 days. Don’t get me wrong, I still think a new year shouldn’t be about being less of who you are and should be about being more of something better. Fast forward 10 months, I am proud to say I haven’t stopped setting goals for myself and I’ve become more and more curious + passionate about nutrition and all that I do, including my relatively new hobbies of the year – gardening and cooking (beyond breakfast foods like eggs and fruits).

So, why am I talking about not making new years resolutions while posting a picture of what obviously looks like a list of resolutions? Recently, I found and finally opened the letter I wrote to myself during late 2014, which I wanted to open at the beginning of the year to see how many accomplished items I would check off. Tbh, I never opened it because I misplaced it and didn’t care to look for it to check things off. But subconsciously, I didn’t care because I knew there were more things that wouldn’t get checked off than I would like. I didn’t want to accept that I still haven’t gotten into a dietetic internship. After opening the letter and making my way down the list, it completely shocked me when I realized I marked nearly all of the things I wanted to have done by 2015. I’m still against setting new years resolutions, but what I appreciate about this letter is that I set goals that weren’t meaningless because they were written in stone and I met said goals at my own pace. What could be better than that?

Back to the subject of dietetic internships, Notification Day is this weekend and if I find out that I’ve been matched to the program I recently interviewed for, this epiphany of a moment will make 2015 even more phenomenal than it already is for me. : )


2 thoughts on “dear future self

    • Of course not! This is was an uplifting experience for myself and I hope it will be the same for you! : ) would love to see it if you plan to share your list

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